"Carnotaurus is a ferocious-looking carnivore. Its strong muscles and robust build result in a sizable advantage in strength which gets more pronounced with each new level."

-Dinosaur Lexicon

Carnotaurus is one of the dinosaurs in the game. It can be obtained by finishing Chapter 2 of the Game Guide.

Carnotauros LvL 6


Bar health 3


Bar strength 4
Bar strength 4
Bar endurance 2


Carnotaurus skill 01


Flesh Attack

Attacks target in close range for 200% dino damage.

Extra Power: Target bleeds for additional 200% dino damage over 10 seconds.

Carnage Attack

Attacks 3 targets in close range for 200% dino damage overall. Targets need to be in front.

Extra Power: Dino is healed for 50% of outgoing damage.


"Carnotaurus was a large predator and lived in what is now South America. Characteristic for this dinosaur were two large horns on its forehead, his short deep skull and his two extremely small forelegs. These were even smaller than the already very short front legs of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Exceptional for dinosaurs are the untypical forward-facing eyes. This may indicate a spatial vision of Carnotaurus. Furthermore, from this dinosaur skin impressions could be ensured. So that we now know that this dinosaur was covered extensively with cup-shaped scales."

-Dinosaur Lexicon

"Even though Carnotaurus had a fairly fragile lower jaw, its skull and upper jaw were designed to withstand enormous pressures that would usual occur when biting.  This has lead to the theory that instead of biting and tearing its victims to death like other dinosaurs, Carnotaurus would instead use their powerful necks to swing their head like an axe and slash their victims to death with their upper jaws.  Brutal, crude, yet effective."

-Muk Pile


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