"Centrosaurus has a sturdy build, making it more robust than most Dinosaurs in Dino Storm. Its advantage in toughness gets more pronounced with each new level"

-Dinosaur Lexicon

Centrosaurus is one of the many Dinosaurs in Dino Storm. It can be obtained by collecting 5 Sapphires in Dinoville by killing animals like Brontops and Smilodon

Bar health 4
Bar strength 3
Bar endurance 2


Centrosaurus skill 01
Dash Attack

Dashes towards target in close range for 250% dino damage.

Extra power: Target is stunned for 4 seconds.

Centrosaurus skill 02
Shield Attack

Attacks target in close range for 200% dino damage.

Extra power: 25% of incoming damage reflected for 4 seconds

Appearance Edit

  • Lvl 1-2 Centrosaurus
  • Lvl 3-5 Centrosaurus
  • Lvl 6-13 Centrosaurus
  • Lvl 14-19 Centrosaurus
  • Lvl 20+ Centrosaurus


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