"First things first: The opening chapter of this guide aims to help you with the fundamental task of getting to Dinoville."

-Game Guide

Chapter 1 GuideEdit

Chapter 1 the arrival

Chapter 1: The Arrival is the very first chapter of the game guide every player goes through. It covers on safely travelling through the DinoVille Canyon to DinoVille.

First things first, you get spawned at the starting point. You can see that you have 100 Gold Coins, x5 Elite Healing Potions, x5 Compact Recovery Kits, x5 Teleport Matrixes, and x5 Warehouse Teleport Matrixes in your Inventory. A good start. Also, use them wisely!

Take a look around if you'd like then head upwards. The first NPC you'll get to meet is Hope Simmons. She rides on a blue Parasaurolophus with a yellow-striped tail. She gives a quest to every Dino Rider to take a drink from the Drinking Trough.

Next, you meet Dan Wright and he will instruct you to kill some Entelodons, and then Brontops. Continue your quests until he tells you to kill some Rookie Bandits to pick up Bandit Belts. Lastly, hand the Bandit Belts to Tom Wolfe and he will let you pass into DinoVille!

Off to dinoville

Off to DinoVille

(Note: This is the only chapter guide of the Game Guide, as others are more dispersed.)Edit


Reach the goldrush town Dinovvile.

Once every rider completes all quests and reaches DinoVille, they are rewarded x3 Elite Accelerator Potions for completing the task and achievement. However it is the only task of the chapter, therefore the chapter had concluded and the players also recieves x5 Elite Damage Clouds as reward.

Now you're ready to move on to Chapter 2 .

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