"Getting to know Dinoville will not make you instantly famous.

Keep helping people, earn more Dino Dollars and get ever better rewards. It is time to choose what direction you keep riding!"

-Game Guide

Chapter 3: Changing Appearance is the third chapter of the game guide. Each Dino Rider have many paths to take throughout their gameplay. Upgrading your dino and gun is still one of the major parts of the chapter.


: Add 1 person(s) to your friends list.

Everyone will find a friend eventually. Simply click on an user's profile, click on More Options then Add as Friend. This will give x5 Elite Absorb Potions.

: Visit the Dice Casino.

Located at the right upper outter ring of Dinoville. Once visited, the task rewards the player x1 Cowboy Hat (Olive).

: Score 80 Achievements Points.

Check your Achievements and try to reach 80 Achievement Points! Completing this task rewards you x1 Elite Accelerator Potion.

: Help the townsfolk of Dinoville.

The quests one completes adds up over time. Do any of the quests given by the NPCs in Dinoville. The task will reach its' completion once a rider finishes 15 quests in total, given the x1 Ranger Jeans (Camel) as reward.

: Level up any dinosaur to level 3.

Time to do more upgrades. The higher the level, the more Evolution Serums is needed. Visit the Dino Doctor to upgrade you dnosaur! It rewards the player x1 Face Bandana (Hot Pink) upon completion.

: Level up any weapon to level 3.

Get some more Gun Tuning Kits to upgrade your laser gun to level 3. Visit the Weapon Expert building to upgrade your gun! This task rewards x1 Neckerchief (Blue) once it's complete.

When all the tasks are complete in the chapter, one is rewarded x5 Elite Deflector Potions. By this, every rider will have at least a level 3 dino and gun. Then it's time to move on to Chapter 4.

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