"Parasaurolophus is bigger and stronger than other two-legged herbivores and has evenly distributed strengths with no real weakness."

-Dinosaur Lexicon

Parasaurolophus is one of the dinosaurs in the game. It can be obtained by helping ___.

Bar health 3


Bar strength 3
Bar endurance 3


Parasaurolophus skill 01
Tail Whip Attack

Attacks 3 targets in close range for 200% dino damage overall.

Extra Power: Target bleeds for additional 100% dino damage over 5 seconds.

Parasaurolophus skill 02
Kick Attack

Attacks target in close range for 200% dino damage.

Extra Power: Target is slowed down by 50% for 8 seconds


"The Parasaurolophus lived during the upper Cretaceous in what is now North America 68-65 million years ago. The dinosaur belongs to the group of hadrosaurs.

Characteristic for the Parasaurolophus is his rearward bone horn on the skull. It is believed that this dinosaur was able to run on two legs. The Parasaurolophus was a gregarious animal and lived in groups of several dozen dinosaurs

-Dinosaur Lexicon

"The hollow horn that is the defining characteristic of Parasaurolophus has been thought to amplify sounds that the creature made.  This would have been a useful feature to a herd of this dinosaur, as a loud alarm call could easily save them from an ambush by a hungry T-Rex.  It has also been speculated that this dinosaur may have able produce a burst of sound powerful enough to momentarily stun a predator; a very unique defense indeed." -Muk Pile