Techs are used to add extra stats to your gun. They can be obtained by buying them in the Weapon Tech Store in Dinoville using gems once they're unlocked or by using gold coins to obtain it immediately.


Module damage
Damage Tech

Effects: Increase weapon damage

Requires: Help Calvin Douglas

Module focus
Focus Tech

Effect: Increases weapon's hit rate

Requires: Help Chester Gordon

Module frequency
'F'requency Tech

Effect: Increases weapon's rate of fire

Requires: Help Peter McGillycuddy

Module penetration
Penetration Tech

Effect: Pierces the target armor more effectively

Requires: Help Carl Hagen

Module precision
Precision Tech

Effect: Increases the weapon's critical hit chance

Requires: Minnie Shaw

Module range
Range Tech

Effect: Increases the weapon's maximum attack range

Requires: Help Norma Rose

Module aim

Aim Tech

Effect: Increases your weapon damage the further you are away from your target

Requires: Help Sossa Oakley


Module shock

Shock Tech

Effect: Provides a chance to deplete another player's extra power bar on a successful hit

Requires: Help Catherine Burton


Module dinodefense

Dino Defense Tech

Effect: Increases your resistance against dino damage

Requires: Help Glen McOwen