Guns are the ranged weapons used by your character to hit targets that are too far for your dinosaur to reach.

Laser GunsEdit

Weapons have 6 Contributing statistics:

  • Damage: A greater Damage value means that your gun can deal more weapon damage
  • Clock: A greater Clock value means that your gun reaches a higher rate of fire
  • Range: A greater Range value means that your gun means that your gun achieves a longer range of attack
  • Precision: A greater Precision value means that your gun has an improved chance for critical hits.
  • Focus: A greater Focus value means that your gun provides better aim so it hits the target more often.
  • Penetration: A greater Penetration value means that your gun can pierce your opponent's armor more effectively.

Weapons are also given boosts by equipment called Weapon Technology Implants. Which apply stat points into Damage, Clock, Range, Precision, Focus, and Penetration.

There are three types of gun available in Dinoville
  • HammerGo to Hammer
  • ColtGo to Colt
  • PeacemakerGo to Peacemaker

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